Johnny's Jive



Well, it appears that, contrary to all my explicit instructions, we are sliding into another Summer. I suppose it's my own fault. I shouldn't have left the details to the "Intelligent Designer"; look how he screwed up the platypus, poor creature.

This puts me in a bit of a quandary. I was going to spend these next few months composing a symphony to the joys of ear wax, but now I guess I'll have to go on the road with the Jukes. Talk about a bringdown.

I have taken a glance at the schedule, and, after roundly cursing my fate, have decided to put a brave face on things and count my blessing. One, two...uh...two...um. Oh, screw it. In truth, I am crazy with boredom and can't wait to get going. The band sounds great to me right now, and I want to see them smilin' faces in the front row and the drunken bums passed out in the back. We will endeavor to learn a bunch a new material, but then you'll all complain that we're not playing the favorites. That's awright; "man was born to suffer as the sparks fly upward". A ten-spot to the first poster who identifies that quote. Which reminds me; I must send out the prizes to the quiz winners. Hey! It's only been a month or two.

Lighten up.

Many inquiring minds have asked about the Big Band/Tom Waits CD. When, where, who, why....like that.

Well, I'm glad to finally be able to answer all of you. Drop dead. Thank You.

We are in the midst of striking a deal with a distribution company both here and abroad, ("and what a broad". "shut up, Groucho") and the release date should be sometime in September. There will also be a few, and I mean a few, live shows for promotion. More details will be forthcoming.

I am going to try to think up a quiz of the month to keep you little bastards off the streets and out of trouble, and , yes, there will be prizes. Somebody has to move this lousy merchandise. It's cluttering up my living room.

In closing, I would like to say good bye.

Good Bye.

The Jives