Johnny's Jive



"And I get the urge for going
When the meadow grass is turning brown
Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in."

Beautiful song by Joanie Mitchell. Kinda early I know, but it’s been a good summer for me. Got in touch with some old partners-in-crime and had a bunch of good shows. Not a lot of writing, but Jeff and I are getting there. Working on a new Jukes record, which will be out in????

Both Jeff and Chis Anderson sent their oldest girls off to college. Boston College and Yale, respectively. Who’d a thunk a couple of reprobate musos would sire such smart, talented kids. Musta been the postman.

Had an interesting gig at a private party in the Hamptons. A fan named David Zaslav had us play and brought in many celebs. None bigger than Mark (the Love Man) Pender and the inimitable LaBamba. Steve Van Zandt graced (?) us with his presence and played and sang just like a angel. A scary angel. It was good to see so many of the Founding Fathers together again. And no one got arrested! Thanks to Jon Bon and Dot for coming, and loved seeing Mo, one of my favorite humans. Hope to do it again for you all. Who deserves it more?

And many, many thanks to David and his wife. Nice to see such down-to-earth people. It took a lot of courage to bring us out, because the Jukes fit into the Hamptons like Andre the Giant’s hands woulda fit into O.J. Simpson’s gloves. But the authorities let us leave peacefully, so all's right with the world.

Also had a great night of music with Glenn Alexander on his internet broadcast thing, GlennStreetlive. Did some dfifferent stuff with Glenn, The Goose, Tony Tino, John Isley and Chris Anderson. You can access the video from the info below. Thanks to all involved, and Glenn's pickles are amazing. Or so I hear.

You may have to pay a buck to get the video, but it's worth even twice that!

The broadcast site is www.concertwindow.com when folks get there they just look forglennstreetlive. It should be up on the home page the day that we are broadcasting.

for any past shows they are archived on youtube..... www.youtube.com/glennstreetlive

other shit www.facebook.com/glennstreetlive and www.twitter.com/glennstreetlive

I am heading off to the south of France next week. Am I lounging on the beach in Cannes? Am I playing Chemin-de-fer in Monte Carlo? No. I will be hiking and…yikes…biking in the mountains.

Pray for me. Uncle South.


Je suis devastate that tonight's Pony show has to be canceled on account a Hurricane Arthur.

Blame The Dude's kid. I always look forward to this show every year, and The King Pin has frisbees and new flyswatters with my face on them and all suchlike and so on and ad infinitum.

As some of you may know, like, hopefully the guys in the band, we are leaving tomorrow for England to pester those poor devils again. Payback for the burning of the Whitehouse during the war of 1812. I guess. I just do what I'm told, like a good soldier. Right, Harvey?

We will kiss and make up the date on August 2nd, when the weather will be perfect.

Until then, stay safe, eat yer greens and keep yer powder dry.

That is all;

Uncle South.

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